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Canada Directory - Sealy Tutoring

Phone: (604) 612-0652 Sealy Tutoring is a Vancouver based tutoring company that specializes in offering services to support Math and Science subjects. We offer our tutoring services to high school and university level students. We offer 1-on-1 tutoring, either at your home, or at our Tutoring Centre, 1-on-1 tutoring allows students to build a strong relationship with their tutor, while working in a consistent and comfortable environment. No matter what subjects you need support with, or what days and times best fit your schedule, we have a tutor that’s ready to meet your tutoring needs. We Also have a Math and Science Tutoring Centre (drop-in), this drop-in program provides students with longer sessions (up to 3 hours), allowing them to invest more time in their Math and Science studies with the support of our tutors.

City : Vancouver
State : BC
Country : Canada
Postal Code : V6J 1Y9

Posted : 1407 days ago
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